Mediation Service



During a divorce or separation, it is rare for both parties to be on the same page, emotionally or otherwise. Mediation can help keep the emotion out of the negotiation and make it productive. Ms. Wood has been helping parties reach amicable settlements through mediation for years. She has a 98% settlement record.

If you and your spouse are struggling to reach an agreement and you resolve things, stay out of court and remain in control, call us today.

When you mediate you save time, money, and you remain in control of the outcome.

When you mediate not only do you save time and money, you remain in control of the outcome.

We work hard to assist you in reaching a settlement that satisfies both parties needs and goals.

The mediation process begins with a no-cost initial consultation where we get a snapshot view of three important considerations:

Whether you are involved in a divorce, custody or business dispute it does not have to be financially or emotionally draining. We can help.

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