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Roseville Paralegal Services

Roseville Paralegal Services, LLC. is owned and operated by Lorie D. Wood (Spiers). Mrs. Wood is Certified as a Mediator, a Paralegal, and a Legal Document Assistant. We offer a unique service where not only can we assist you with Mediation, we can also assist with the preparation of all the legal documents necessary to finalize your matter.

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Lorie Wood (Spiers)

For the last thirty years, I have worked in the legal field. The majority of that time has been spent in the family law arena. I am a Certified Mediator in both family law matter and business disputes. I am a Certified Paralegal/LDA offering assistance with the preparation of legal documents in family law matters, like divorce and legal separation. I am also a Certified Divorce Specialist. This is my passion. As a Certified Divorce Specialist I assist clients going through difficult situations, like divorce and custody. I help clients not only navigate the emotions that come with such difficult situations, I also help them to avoid making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.

I understand both professionally and personally how difficult a divorce can be. I want to help make it easier for you.

Member of CALDA
Placer. LDA Registration #14-003
National Association of Certified Mediators Lic #678237
Certified and Recognized by CDC and UCI

I am NOT an attorney, and can not give any legal advice


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