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Diana S.
Roseville, CA

Lori Wood, owner of Roseville Paralegal is professional, prompt, and thorough.
We had a trust that needed ammending, and she executed the document quickly and at a great price!. She offers a great service and piece of mind!

Jennifer M. Sullivan, Esq.

 I have had the pleasure of working with Lorie on several occasions.  I have always found her to be skilled, knowledgeable and very kind.  Lorie provides quality work with exceptional attention to detail.  I would definitely work with Lorie again.

Kassondra L.
Fair Oaks, CA

I was referred to Lorie Wood by a coworker. I went into Mrs. Woods's office not knowing what to expect and I walked out with knowledge and confidence. At my first meeting Lorie was extremely attentive and even called in a lawyer to help answer my more in depth questions. Mrs. Woods is compassionate, supportive and follows through which is extremely difficult to find in this particular industry.  I cannot say enough positive things about Lorie Wood.

Sally Ocheltree

Lori ,,,, thank you so much for all your help.  You were AMAZING!!!!!  When i needed someone the most to help me wind my way through this awful time in my life, you were there  You were so good to fit me in when I didn't have an appointment, made me feel comfortable and returned my phone calls when I had questions.  Thank you for filling out my papers as soon as hubby finally agreed to a settlement and thank you for coming in to sign papers when it wasn't in your best interest to be at work.  Also thank you for sending me paperwork to fill out when transfer was needed for retirement when they wouldn't even send me what I needed or tell me what I had to do.  You calmed my frustration on MANY occasions...Again THANK YOU!!!!!